March 28, 2023

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Class of ’83 2020 Movie Review Poster Trailer Cast Crew Online

Class of '83 2020 Movie

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Class of ’83 2020 Movie Review Poster Trailer Cast Crew Online

Director: Atul Sabharwal

Writers: Abhijeet Shirish Deshpande (screenplay), Atul Sabharwal (dialogue)

Stars: Bobby Deol, Vishwajeet Pradhan, Monika Panwar

The story ends at and starts with the same dialogue, everything else is how things changed between that dialogue. Well, before you think that’s smart, hear me out. The year is 1982 and we’ve Dean Vijay Singh (Bobby Deol) at Nashik Police Center, who never attended his class. He’s this epic everyone just has heard about. He’s in the class as soon as this mystery around his character ends and suddenly starts teaching it.

That’s where he bonds with the bottom 5 students who are slow-balls at academics, but still are street-smart to solve anything thrown at them. He personally focuses on them with the hope of creating a special squad to eliminate gangsters. But something happens and years later those students get tangled in the system. What happens then is the crux of the story. The only silver lining of the film is having a couple of well-executed scenes but that’s about it.

Class of 83 Movie Review: Script Analysis
The biggest issue with Abhijeet Deshpande’s script is it never gets interesting. You get that first intriguing scene very late in the film. I had to sit because I had to pen this, many won’t. It explores 1981’s Bombay without showing anything spectacular about it and shamefully using so much stock footage. This is yet another proof of how makers wanted an easy way out.

One-liners & humour in the film is so hideous that Bobby Deol in Housefull 4 made more sense to me. An inspector asks his colleague, “Why do you think so much negative?” To which he replies, “What to do? that’s in my blood group!” No, the joke doesn’t end here, the first policeman replies back, “My blood group is B Positive and hence…” Dialogue writer (Atul Sabharwal), why? Ironically, this is the film with which I got introduced to the new Netflix feature in which you can increase the speed of the content you’re watching. Obviously, I didn’t use that feature, it just made for a better joke than those in the film.

Class of 83 Movie Review: Star Performance
When Bobby Deol marks his entrance, you hope this works for him and you do that for the entire duration of the film. I tried to like his performance and he was genuinely good at times, but because the script was so weak that it needed more than a Bobby Deol to save it. He nails the scenes which aren’t much dialogue-heavy. More disappointed because this could have been so much better for Bobby.

Let’s do the rest of the cast a different way. We had multiple other characters who play the policemen of the Class Of 83 and it’s so confusing to name all of them differently because they were so similar. The writer doesn’t even try to give them different traits or characteristics so they could stand-out from each other. You can take out any of them and swap them with each other’s role still making the same sense to the film. It’s just Sameer Paranjpe’s Aslam who gets a couple of good scenes which he performs with utmost perfection.

Class of 83 Movie Review: Direction, Music

It’s been a while since Atul Sabharwal has made any film. Known for Arjun Kapoor’s Aurangzeb, he fails to do justice to Hussain Zaidi’s book from which the story is adapted. Apart from the whole ‘not focusing on locations’ thing, Class Of 83 looks outdated. Not in an ‘it’s a period film and it has to look a certain way’ but in a ‘whatever you’re showing me on-screen looks ugly’ kind of way. Shot majorly with dark tones, Atul Sabharwal’s direction too remains pretty grim.

I was so extremely happy to see Viju Shah’s name in the credit list for giving the background score, but how big a disappointment that turned out to be? He never gets into his elements and struggled to revive the brilliant body of work (Mohra, Gupt) he has worked in the past. Apart from a few nostalgic instruments, Sir Shah chooses to stay modern which wasn’t required at all.

Class of 83 Movie Review: The Last Word
All said and done, Class Of 83 in the hands of artists who know this world better would’ve been a far superior product. Nothing works for the film in its current version and it’s a shame because yet another good story wasted.

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Class of ’83 2020 Movie Review Poster Trailer Cast Crew Online