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Chad 2021 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online


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Chad 2021 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

Creator: Nasim Pedrad

Stars: Nasim Pedrad, Jake Ryan, Saba Homayoon

I’ll get to the show in a minute.

The first criticism is for the idiots who reviewed the show without seeing it, basing your opinion off the commercials. That’s weak sauce, Busch league, whatevs – get off the site.

Next, why should it matter what the real age and sex of Nasim Pedrad is. WhoTF cares if she is playing a high school male. She frequently played male characters on SNL, as did other female cast members. Who cares if the other actors are high school age, “Strangers with Candy” is nearly exactly that same premise – and was very popular and highly rated. If the shiz is funny that’s all that matters. Andy Kaufman and his wrestling only females bit is legendary. Monty Python, blurred gender roles made famous. So this criticism on Pedrad is a double standard – its bs.

As for the actual show, unfortunately after the first episode I was pretty disappointed. It was all just pretty uncomfortable. You can’t go full Napoleon without some redeeming qualities and charm. It’s just hard to like a show, when the main character is written to be so unlikeable.

Also, I have no clue what the demographic is here.

I applaud anyone who’s pushing the envelope, but so far looks like a miss for me.

And a point for adding diversity, how many other shows center around a middle eastern family.

Chad 2021 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online