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Castle Rock Review 2018 TV-Show Series Season Cast Crew Online


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Castle Rock Review 2018 TV-Show Series Season Cast Crew Online

Creators:  Sam ShawDustin Thomason

Stars: Melanie LynskeyAnn CusackAndré Holland

Review: How do you like your horror? Gory? Psychological? Supernatural? Castle Rock tries to deliver all three in it’s first three episodes (this review written when only the first three are available.) in a watchable effort that relies heavily on King’s body of work while not wallowing in it. You won’t find Pennywise here except out of clown drag as an unnamed prisoner (Bill Skarsgård), still creepy as a mostly mute captive of Shawshank Prison.

Much like the kids from the IT movies, Henry Deever (André Holland) is compelled back to Maine to deal with a dark childhood left festering for decades. Deaver is a broken soul with a mysterious past of his own, but somehow his story and character feel like a drag compared to the locals! A GREAT ensemble cast of characters include Sissy Spacek as Deavers dementia-suffering mother, Scott Glenn as King favorite cop Pangborn, a great Melanie Lynskey as Deaver’s drug-addicted childhood friend with unspecified “powers” that will be familiar to anyone who watched The Shining, Terry O’Quinn who’s spent way too many years as Shawshank’s warden, Frances Conroy who brings her usual ghostly charm as his sorrowful blind wife. A character named Jackie Torrence (!) who pops up everywhere mostly unexpectedly. You get the picture.

Castle Rock is brimming with potential for great weirdness and suspense but the main plot feels boring. We keep getting reminded of it over and over when we’d rather check in with the mute guy found locked in a cage who keeps having those around him die or kill themselves. This show is a slow burn, I just hope it doesn’t burn so slow it never lights up.

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Castle Rock Review 2018 TV-Show Series Season Cast Crew Online