February 9, 2023

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Britney vs Spears 2021 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

Britney vs Spears 2021 Movie Review

Britney vs Spears 2021 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

Britney Spears finally spoke in open court this year after a disgustingly long period of media intrusion, speculation and dirty tricks campaigns by those who seek to keep her under the thumb to continue lining their own pockets.

I think we all agree that the treatment of Britney has been disgusting. Her own words only give us a small glimpse of some of the horrors she has faced at the hands of those supposedly looking after her best interests.

The mantra from her conservators that she has “addiction and mental health issues” that are too horrific to share with the world are laughable when you look at how many world tours, Vegas gigs, singles, albums, perfume promotions and on and on she has done under the conservatorship. If she is *that* ill then making her do all that work highlights just how corrupt and manipulative her conservatorship -and those who control it – really is.

Britney is sick of being used yet people reveal her private texts for cheap thrills under the guise of caring for her and being horrified by her current situation. If you really cared, private messages would stay just that – private, regardless of your intentions.

Some people worked for over 10 years with Britney and claim to have witnessed horrific things pretty early on – yet chose to stay for years even when they had hard evidence of wrongdoing. No doubt their fees for being on everything Britney Spears related this year will be going towards mental health charities. Seeing as they are such caring, compassionate souls and not attention seekers pouring more stress onto someone who already told a court they cry every single day as it is!

By making endless shows like this, the makers are doing what Britney is partly fighting against – invading her privacy. Is this the new thing? A new “shocking documentary” every few months with the same people adding more and more bits onto their story with every new documentary they appear on? It already feels intrusive and cashing in on someone who needs help, not former friends or colleagues who share private things about Britney but are obviously terrified and still under NDAs when it comes to certain people involved with the Spears clan.

Miss Spears has already called out some of these documentaries for peddling yet more lies. She was right in court – nobody listens to her.

Britney deserves a private life with who she chooses to be with. Her real friends and whoever she chooses to be her family. She deserves to be allowed to make her own choices. If she chooses to stay in the entertainment industry, let HER choose what things she wants to do. Sing. Dance. Act. She might want to release a “Gurmukhi mantras and English songs from the Kundalini Yoga tradition” album like Belinda Carlisle!. She should be able to that and do whatever the heck else she wants!

Britney Spears deserves all the love in the world. Most people would break beyond repair after the last few years but she keeps going and towering above it all.

Mental health problems? Be warned: Britney’s situation could happen to any one of us.

Last but not least: Britney Spears deserves her FREEDOM.

Britney vs Spears 2021 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online