August 9, 2022

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Barbie Princess Adventure 2020 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

Barbie Princess Adventure

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Barbie Princess Adventure 2020 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

Director: Conrad Helten

Writer: Ann Austen

Stars: Ogie Banks, Eamon Brennan, Nakia Burrise

In Malibu, Barbie and her friend Daisy film a music video for their song “Try It On”. Barbie wears a wig in the video, and posts it online so the song can inspire people. She also submits it to Rose Ross, who is the biggest aggregator of online content in the world. In Floravia, Princess Amelia sees the video and notices that Barbie looks identical to her while wearing the wig. Amelia’s royal adviser, Alfonso, tells her that she is not ready to make her own decisions, and that he will decide everything until she is.

Amelia arranges for some students at Barbie’s school to visit her country for a week-long Malibu-Floravia Cultural Exchange field trip. Principal Miller announces that the invited students are Ken, Trey, Renee, Teresa, Daisy, Ned and Ted, and finally Barbie. After Barbie finds out about the trip, she gets a call from Rose. Rose tells Barbie she will put Barbie’s vlog on one of her channels if Barbie can meet her standards.

When Barbie is leaving for the trip, she does a livestream at the airport. Barbie’s family and puppies see her off. Barbie’s dog Taffy runs after Barbie as she leaves. The other puppies run around the airport, and Barbie’s sisters catch all of them except Taffy. Taffy sneaks into Barbie’s backpack. Rose phones Barbie before the plane takes off to tell her that her livestream wasn’t good enough. Rose says Barbie has to reinvent herself if she wants to please the new subscribers that Rose can provide her.

Barbie and her friends arrive in Floravia and are excited to be somewhere new. When they are driven to the palace, where they will be staying for the week, Barbie discovers that Taffy has tagged along. Alfonso greets them, and Taffy sees Amelia’s rabbit, Snowy. Taffy chases Snowy, and Barbie follows them to Amelia’s secret hangout room. She meets Amelia, who says she wants to inspire people like Barbie does with her vlog. Amelia tells Barbie that her life is completely controlled so she can have a perfect public image, but she wishes she could be herself.

Amelia says she arranged to meet Barbie so they could switch places for a week, due to their identical appearances. They make a deal after Amelia agrees to do a vlog post with Barbie, and agree not to tell anyone except Barbie’s friends. A guard, Reggie, eavesdrops on them and sees Amelia sneaking out of the palace in regular clothes. Barbie disguises as Amelia and goes to a pre-coronation party with Renee, Daisy, Teresa and Nikki. Barbie gets photographed and interviewed, and she meets Prince Johan, who owns the yacht. He tells Barbie that the yacht also belongs to Floravia because their countries are going to unite at the coronation.

The girls return to the palace. Alfonso tells Barbie she was photographed dressed as Amelia while wearing a personalized “Barbie” necklace, so he figured out what was going on and removed the photo from the press pool. He says situations like this are why he must have control at all times. Alfonso tells Barbie she will continue to be Amelia under his watch, until he finds the real princess. Barbie hands over her necklace. Barbie phones Amelia and tells her that Alfonso knows she has left. Amelia says she will be back in time for her coronation.

Rose phones Barbie and asks what Barbie is working on. Barbie can’t reveal it yet, so Rose reminds her that there’s a lot of pressure due to a potential sponsor. The next day, Barbie takes part in a royal horse show in Amelia’s place. She performs with Morning Star, the princess’ personal horse. After the horse brigade, Barbie is also scheduled to do a palace photo shoot, royal orphanage tour, a dress fitting, and more. Barbie tells Alfonso he should give Amelia more credit for managing her busy schedule, and that he should listen to her more. Barbie meets a little girl, who asks for a photo. Barbie tells her they don’t have to film their meeting, and they should create memories together instead.

Amelia and Barbie chat at the end of the day, and talk about how eventful it was. Amelia had fun exploring Floravia and learning more about herself. Barbie interviews Amelia for her vlog, and Amelia says she feels like herself for the first time in her life. Nikki, Renee, Teresa and Daisy go shopping, and Barbie tells Ken that she has to attend coronation practice with Johan. After Trey sees Ken talking to Barbie, he tells Ken to introduce him to the princess. Trey says he and Amelia could rule the land together if he were king of Floravia.

While Barbie’s friends shop and explore Floravia, Barbie attends coronation practice with Johan. They rehearse a folk dance that reenacts the treaty between Amelia and Johan’s countries, and performing it at the coronation will formalize his country surrending to Floravia. When Amelia is crowned queen, the countries will unite and Amelia will rule both. After Barbie leaves, Johan puts on Amelia’s crown and Taffy growls at him. Johan says he will do whatever needs to be done until he is ruler of Floravia instead of Amelia.

While Amelia is walking around Floravia, she is kidnapped and separated from Snowy. Barbie is unable to contact the princess, and tells Ken that she is overwhelmed by Amelia’s schedule and wants to go home. Nikki, Teresa, Daisy and Renee throw a slumber party for Barbie, but they hear scratching and thumping. They look in a wardrobe to find Snowy and discover that the wardrobe contains a passageway that leads to Amelia’s secret hangout room. While hiding in the wardrobe, they hear Reggie and another guard take Snowy, and they realize Amelia is in trouble.

Barbie and her friends make a plan to split up and look for the princess. Barbie’s friends plan to use scooters to search the city, and Barbie goes to find Alfonso. She gets interrupted by a phone call from Rose. Rose shows Barbie an edited version of her interview with Amelia, where their words have been taken out of context to make them look shallow. Rose says the video will make Barbie famous, but Barbie ends her deal with Rose, saying she is going to be herself and make her own decisions.

As Barbie and Taffy look for Alfonso, Johan and his guards find Barbie. Johan knows Barbie is impersonating Amelia because he saw Barbie’s necklace at the yacht party. He says he’s going to keep Barbie on the yacht during the coronation, so Barbie realizes that’s where Amelia is. Johan’s guards take Barbie away, but she Barbie escapes and goes to the yacht with Morning Star. Johan sends his men after Barbie. Barbie rides Morning Star to the yacht, and attaches her necklace to Morning Star’s rein. Barbie tells Morning Star to let her friends know where she is.

At the coronation, Alfonso gets taken by Johan’s men at the coronation. Barbie gets on to the yacht and gets trapped with Amelia. Barbie says she’s glad they switched places, because they inspired each other to stay true to themselves and know that they make a difference. They escape and are found by Nikki and Teresa, who got access to a speedboat. They take Barbie and Amelia back to shore. Johan’s men pursue Barbie, Amelia and Snowy as they ride Morning Star to the coronation.

Before Johan can be crowned, he gets a phone call letting him know that Barbie and Amelia have escaped. Renee and Daisy use scooters to block Johan’s men from getting to Barbie and Amelia. At the coronation, Johan says that by law, Amelia not appearing means both kingdoms pass to him. Barbie and Amelia arrive as Ken sends Taffy to knock the crown out of Johan’s hands. Barbie catches the crown. Amelia tells the people of Floravia that Johan is trying to deny them their rightful ruler, but she is ready to become queen. She orders for Johan to be arrested.

Alfonso crowns Amelia queen, and she tells him that she wants to start a royal vlog, written and produced by her so she can speak directly to her people. Alfonso says she is ready. She thanks Barbie for inspiring her. Ken asks Barbie to dance, and Teresa livestreams the celebrations. Barbie’s family watches the livestream at home, and Rose Ross is angry that Barbie has a billion views on the livestream. Barbie and Amelia reflect on how they feel more hopeful and confident after switching places. Everybody celebrates and dances as fireworks go off, and Barbie and Amelia hug.

After being selected by their school, Barbie and her friends travel to the country of Floravia to meet Princess Amelia, who bears a striking resemblance to Barbie. Princess Amelia, nervous about becoming queen, is looking for an escape and devises a plan to switch places with Barbie. Their secret is safe until a devious rival prince discovers the truth, and Barbie and her friends must team up to stop the prince and rescue the princess in time for her coronation.

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Barbie Princess Adventure 2020 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online