Angela's Christmas Wish 2020 Movie Review
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Angela’s Christmas Wish 2020 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online


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Angela’s Christmas Wish 2020 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

Director: Damien O’Connor
Writers: Frank McCourt (created by), Damien O’Connor
Stars: Oscar Butler, Moe Dunford, Shona Hamill

Angela’s Christmas Wish is a sequel to the popular animated film Angela’s Christmas which was about the titular character’s desire to make sure everyone is having a great Christmas. Angela’s Christmas Wish will follow her making plans to reunite her family in time for the holidays as her father is away for work in Australia. Ever since OTT platform Netflix announced the film, numerous netizens have been searching the internet about the time of the release of the film. Here is information about what time will Angela’s Christmas Wish release.

But there is a message contained in Angela’s Christmas Wish that feels more relevant this year due to the circumstances. The plot is based on wishes, and Angela has one wish — for her father to return for the holidays. The message is clear — seeing loved ones at the most festive time of the year bears plenty of importance and one that will be sorely missed in 2020 for compliant, law-abiding families. So with that notion, the Netflix film brings a sense of nostalgia; it made me miss my younger days when the family was together, rather than spread across the country and unable to group for the special time of the year.

This reminder is significant for Angela’s Christmas Wish. It does not stray the story to any extremes and keeps it on a beat to the theme. Of course, the animation and the voice cast (Ruth Negga and Jared Harris are present) bring added value, but capturing the child’s imagination and heart is the unique selling point.

Angela’s Christmas Wish trailer

The trailer of the film took social media by a storm and gave a glimpse of the upcoming film. The trailer shows that Angela takes a guess at what would everyone want for Christmas. When she thinks about what her parents would be wanting for Christmas, she feels that her father, who is away at work, would want to spend Christmas with his family. Angela plans to bring her family together in time for the holidays so that they can spend Christmas together. Watch the trailer below.

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Angela’s Christmas Wish 2020 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online