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And Just Like That… Review 2021 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew


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And Just Like That… Review 2021 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew

The truest parts of this show are in the moments where the original characters interact with each other. That makes the absence of Kim Cattrall and the loss of Chris Noth all the more difficult for the story to work. However nostalgia can only carry a show so far, and right now it has carried this show into a world where the pandemic no longer exists.

That’s too bad, because my COVID nurse daughter is still working 17 hour days. Having a show where the characters deal with job loss, claustrophobia and political unease might have made for good television.

However, the show is still an ode to consumerism. The recent excoriation of Peleton, which paid to have product placement in the show, an unintentionally hilarious victim of a show that just can’t stop dropping names. (The death in the first episode caused the stock price to drop 13%).

The girls are now post menopausal women, but still as chicly dressed and as snobbishly addicted to labels as they were in the horrendous and tone deaf trip to Saudi Arabia. To their credit, they are trying to be comfortable with their ages, but Charlotte sports the alien trout pout which is every bit as distracting as it should be. Miranda’s type A personality has drifted into alcoholism, and she’s on a second preposterous career path. Carrie, of course, is still the same self-centered woman child, who cries and screams when she finds someone having a heart attack instead of calling 911 or administering CPR. (It ALWAYS about what is going to happen to her, not about the person who died.)

These show problems pale in comparison to the slapdash addition of the new POC and the LGBTQ characters. The POC exist only to give the three women a way to react to multicultural NYC. They are not fully fleshed out, and the clunky dialogue between them and the stars is so self conscious that I am embarrassed for the writers and the actresses. The show fares much better with the LGBTQ characters, mainly because Che Diaz is a force of nature and because the show runner is a gay man. Maybe the attempts to address the “holes” in the original show will get better.

I will watch this show to the bitter end to support roles for older women in media, but I sure as heck hope it gets better.

And Just Like That… Review 2021 Tv Show Series Season Cast Crew