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Adrienne 2021 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online


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Adrienne 2021 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

I’ve always loved actress Adrienne Shelly, since I 1st saw her in the late 80’s and always felt like she was a friend in my head, a kindred spirit.

I remember when I watched Waitress and was SO THRILLED and Amazed that she had FULLY Broken through and achieved her Dreams. She made a Beautiful Masterpiece!!! At the time I had No idea of what had happened to her, as I had lost my Father 2 months earlier and was living in a numbed stupor.

I Loved Waitress, All the characters and wonderful actors she had cast were perfection!! I was so thrilled and as I watched the end credits I spotted something that seemed WRONG!! :O I immediately went online to look up Adrienne and now Knew it was TRUE! She was gone! Someone had cruelly and selfishly, Robbed her of her Life, Her Child, Her Husband, Her Family and Her Lifetime Masterpiece (a love letter to her baby, who would now grow up without getting to really know the beautiful, kind, talented and courageous woman her Mother Adrienne Really was!) I just cried… and when I realized that was little Sophie who played Jenna’s (Keri Russell’s) beautiful little girl Lulu in the movie, I cried MORE!! 🙁

I was surprised today to see this documentary made by her husband, Andy Ostroy and seeing her beautiful daughter. Sophie, so grown up now and just as beautiful as her Mom, Adrienne. I watched with a huge lump in my chest and my throat.

I can’t say more without throwing out spoilers. But if your a fan of Adrienne Shelly, her past work and her Huge Hit movie Waitress, then this is a must see!

The world feels a bit darker without this beautiful and talented woman in it. Even for an ordinary person like me, who only knew her through her works. All I can do is say a Prayer for Adrienne, Sophie, Andy, and all the family, friends and fans who Loved her and Miss her So Much!

Adrienne 2021 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online