May 28, 2023

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A Winter Getaway 2021 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

A Winter Getaway

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A Winter Getaway 2021 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

Director: Steven R. Monroe
Writer: S.W. Sessions
Stars: Brooks Darnell, Nazneen Contractor, Erik Athavale

What could be a better way to find love if not in the midst of mountains laden with snow? Well, that’s what happens with our protagonists in Hallmark’s romantic move ‘A Winter Getaway’, but it came with a cost. Will love overpower everything in Joe (Brooks Darnell) and Courtney’s (Nazneen Contractor) life?

Allan, the owner of the giant software company Cyber Gofers gifts his employee and friend Joe a luxury trip to the Alps in Canada, to help the latter get through his recent breakup. The travel company he books Joe’s trip with assigns Courtney, one of their most hardworking and diligent employees as his personal concierge. For Courtney, someone who has always dreamt of owning her own travel business, the task comes across as a learning opportunity, besides serving as a breather.

However, on arriving at the hotel in the Alps, average Joe begins to wonder if he fancies such extravagant service, owning to interest in little things in life. But, there’s a catch. Joe needs to pretend to be the wealthy entrepreneur Allan, as the booking was originally made for Cyber Gofers’ owner and his wife. Joe has no choice to play along as everything has been arranged for his luxury vacation, while he struggles to cope after his breakup with his long-time girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Courtney continues to treat Joe like her other wealthy clients as she’s unaware of his true identity. When the duo starts spending time together, their fascination with little joys in life brings them closer and Joe soon finds himself attracted to Courtney.

Throughout the movie, Joe and Courtney are seen exploring both the lavish and less-known aspects of the tourist place but realize it’s each other’s company that they crave for more than the elements of the travel.

Their relationship, however, seems to come to an end even before it took off as Cortney learns about Joe’s true identity from her employer before it’s revealed from his end. Courtney feels betrayed and chooses to leave, while Joe continues to pursue her. But, will she be able to forgive him and accept him for what he is, an average Joe?

‘A Winter Getaway’ makes for a delightful watch from beginning to end. While Joe’s adventured with Courtney keep your attention retained, as you’ll wait to what might unfold between the two known strangers, the cinematography offers the best view of the snow, mountains, and lush greenery, leaving you absolutely mesmerized.

With a minimal cast, the movie has let every artist stretch their acting muscles just enough to fit the roles perfectly and the story fills your heart with joy as it navigates the simplicity of life. Darnell and Contractor complement each other as an on-screen couple and the chemistry between them works well for the overall plot.

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A Winter Getaway 2021 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online