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A Naija Christmas 2021 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online


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A Naija Christmas 2021 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online

With a few twists to naughty nods, “A Nighy Christmas” can seem like an entertaining albeit an in-between holiday romantic comedy. Only that road passes through Lagos, Nigeria

As the Nigerian film industry’s first Christmas comedy since becoming a Netflix partner, this one about three brothers trying to make their mother’s holiday a reality is festive and lit. Director Kunale Afolayan teases out most of the well-worn holiday movie tropes while treating the audience to naija-flavored themes of class, gender, and faith.

After a humiliating gathering where her women’s group reminds her of what she lacks, Mama (Rachel Oniga, who died earlier this year) has a hand-twisting proposal for her sons, one of The intention was to push them towards marriage and eventually grandchildren. Whoever of them secures a future wife by Christmas will inherit the family home.

This will be no small achievement. The eldest son, Ugo (Kunal Remi), is a music producer and a romantic cad. He is also in debt to a loan shark. Can Ajik (Segilola Ogidan), a good girl from the church, turn her path to destruction? Middle son, Obi (Efa Iwara), an idiot, recently made a very public proposal to his girlfriend and boss, Vera (Linda Osifo). His laugh went viral. And the youngest son, Cheek (Abayomi Alvin), is actually struck with a lesser love, which the comedy reveals in slow motion.

While her men bark, Mama and her status-conscious female friends prepare for the annual Christmas pageant. It has to be held in, as one member nervously says, “the ghetto.” Yes, elitism makes more than a cameo here—the film’s reminder that some perspectives are never in the spirit of the season.

A Naija Christmas 2021 Movie Review Poster Trailer Online